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About Us

Greetings!Customer Service Team eager to help you with hotel guest amenities, housekeeping supplies, cleaning products, maintenance equipment, laundry vending products, and much more!

Welcome to Blue Ribbon Supply! We are on a mission to help you create healthy, happy and inspiring places! It is a pretty simple idea, right? Well, it is something we are passionate about! As one of the largest independent distributors of hotel guest amenities, housekeeping supplies, cleaning products, maintenance equipment, laundry vending products (and much more) in the United States, we are dedicated to providing our customers with value, innovation and outstanding personal service.

Who is Blue Ribbon Supply?

In case you are new to us, Blue Ribbon Supply is a family owned company. We've been around since Frank and Daisy Dilena began the company in San Francisco in 1958. Our mission at Blue Ribbon Supply is to empower our customers with solutions that help create healthy, happy and inspiring places wherever people work, visit, learn and heal! To achieve this lofty mission, we offer a huge range of commercial product solutions packed into one of these 11 categories: cleaning, washroom, floor care, maintenance equipment, food service supplies, lodging amenities, guest experience, laundry, lighting, safety and pool/spa equipment and supplies. Thanks to Blue Ribbon Supply`s amazing customers, our success and growth over the past 64+ years have led us to be a true solution provider.

Where did the blue ribbon in Blue Ribbon Supply come from?

What exactly does Blue Ribbon mean? Well, the blue ribbon is a universal symbol of high quality. The association comes from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by passenger liners and, prior to that from Cordon Bleu, which referred to the blue ribbon worn by a French knightly order. In the United States, ribbons of this color came to be awarded for first place in certain athletic or other competitive endeavors. We like to think Blue Ribbon Supply is in first place with all our customers.

Where is Blue Ribbon Supply?

Our 39,000 square foot (3,620+ square meter) LEED Gold Certified headquarters, showroom and distribution facility is located in South San Francisco, California (otherwise known worldwide as the "Birthplace of Biotechnology"). Conveniently located near San Francisco International Airport between the City and County of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we are easy to find. It does not matter whether you use Apple Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest or Waze, all the map systems know where we are.

When is it best to contact Blue Ribbon Supply?

Right now, of course! To help serve you better, our dynamic 24/7 mobile-friendly website, product catalog, monthly specials, informative blog, how-to videos, training guides, wall charts, training courses and specialist consultants are ready to assist you. Honestly, it is the service, care and curiosity that sets Blue Ribbon Supply apart from all the others. We are real people and we are passionate about everything we do. We help you solve your greatest cleaning, hygiene and hospitality challenges. That's why when you contact us for a little advice, a lot of service and some of the most efficient, cost effective commercial solutions available; we will make every effort to ensure we live up to the Blue Ribbon Supply company motto "We specialize in the little details!"
Blue Ribbon Supply Company
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